Simply put, Braces are handles that are placed on the permanent teeth in a specific order. These handles are then used to move the teeth into ideal positions in relation to each other, your face and jaws. Braces could be indicated as early as 4-5 years of age depending the type and severity of problem. Braces could also be very helpful in improving and maintaining the health of your teeth and gum in your adulthood.
Improve the appearance and esthetics of your smile
Help raise your self-esteem and confidence
Modify growth and development in obtaining more favorable result
Improve the health and longevity of your gums and teeth
relieving crowding or overlapping and spacing
Help correct undesirable habits
Braces Types:
shiny Silver color Braces
Shiny Golden tone Braces
Crystal Clear or tooth color Ceramic Braces
Glow In the dark:
Clear Composite Braces which glow in the dark
Invisalign System - More Info
Neck / Head-gear:
Used in conjunction with Braces to help reduce the convexity of the profile, slow the growth of the upper jaw
This appliance helps in correcting deep bite
Normally used to widen the upper jaws and help in coordinating the arches together
Retainer Types:
Regular Removable Hawley Retainers (Could be different designs or colors)
Invisible Removable Clear Retainers (Invisalign)
Invisible Fixed Retainer (From inside)